Friday, August 28, 2009

21st Century Hitler: IRAN'S Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Everything I read about this guy tells me that we need to be as concerned about him as some folks were about Hitler in the late 30s.

Appeasement appears to be in many country's vocabulary these days when it comes to dealing with the Iranian dictatorship and its extremist religious government structure. And they thought the Shaw was bad news!

Even in the US, the feeling was, for a while, that we should engage the Iranian government in contrast to years of antagonistic actions by the Bush administration. At first, I thought the new approach was a good one. After all, I believe that talking to your enemies is always a good position to support. Trust but Verify was always a good policy with foes of the past. This situation in Iran is more complex now that Ahmadinejad and the Iranian Supreme Leader seem bent on crushing any sort of opposition in the future. This has been made obvious by the Fix that was in during their last "free" election and the current bent on persecuting and prosecuting anyone and everyone with any influence in the opposition.

When Iran's destabilizing influence on their neighbors and on the Arab world as a whole are considered along with their obvious and continued spiritual, financial and military support for terrorist organizations in the Middle East, one must seriously consider if the West along with Russia and China are taking the threats posed by this regime as seriously as they should.

All of these parties should be concerned about the destabilizing influence of extremist organizations who will stop at nothing to sew the seeds of anarchy around the world. And for those groups, its as easy as bombing civilians at will, anywhere, anytime. How we respond as a civilization may lay the foundation for what our society's structures look like ten or twenty years from now.

When it became clear that the last Iranian election was a fraud perpetrated by the incumbent and his supporters, I felt that the door had been opened for Israel's government to take the kind of military action they'd been threatening for months. With the tyrant, Hitler like Ahmadinejad in power for another four years at least, I have NO DOUBT AT ALL that Israel will strike Iran's nuclear installations at some point. This will happen regardless of America's public position that diplomacy and face to face talks are what's needed and what's necessary at this time.

Israel will bomb and America will voice it's objections publicly while praising their actions privately. In today;s world, we must all realize that what one says publicly is often very different than what one believes or says privately.

What do you think?

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